Monthly Archives: November 2011

Maiden ranting

While I was in a bus, this notice caught my eye :

“Call interested people in marketing”

Why should we call interested people in marketing? Interested in what?

Another day, I came across this signboard :

“Best dry cleaners’ and laundry”

What is it with people and apostrophes? Why does any word with an ‘s’ at its end (not always necessary, though!) seem to be inviting an apostrophe? Call centre’s and BPO jobs’ ??? No, thanks. And what is your’s?

Another thing I don’t get is the need to use beeped-words… Sample this : “Why don’t they just let the fucking computer do the freaking analysis?” The thought that comes to my mind is,”Is this what computers do? And what kind of analysis is that?” Well, I honestly don’t see the need to make every single object a f***ing machine swear. But then, I don’t get why it’s so “cool”. The knowledge gap remains…

And please do enlighten me on why even articles are misused… that too, in cases where there seems to be no scope for confusion. (to me, at least). An man? A apple??? Please go back to your school days, and this time round, please learn the articles properly. Thanks.

Enough ranting for now. More later