The Blue Notebook – a disappointment

I recently managed to get hold of  “The Blue Notebook” by James A.Levine. Maybe the fact that I’d had great expectations from it, given all the rave reviews I’d been reading,  or because I’d been trying to lay my hands on it for a very long time, but whatever the reason, the book was a big letdown for me.

As you can infer from the title, it is about a young prostitute. The writing seemed to me a tad dry. Again, it might have been because of the high expectations I had. At the end of the novel, I did not feel anything. Forget moved, the book failed to evoke anything remotely like it in me. There were parts which could have been really moving, but somehow, the overall effect tended to diminish even those few instances.

I was more affected by the descriptions in a chapter of Suketu Mehta’s “Maximum City”, than by this entire novel.

So, sorry to say this, but this was one big disappointment…


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