Acts of faith – a real treasure

Acts of faith by Philip Caruto turned out to be one of my best reads in recent times.

Steady pace. Believable characters with many shades to their characters. Stark decriptions. Some haunting lines. Language that does not hinder the flow of narrative. All this made “Acts of faith” a very enjoyable experience for me.

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good read (it’s close to 600 pages long, but then, long novels don’t put me off, and neither did this disappoint), and realistic pictures (sometimes too much so). To be avoided if you hesitate to call a spade a spade.

(In some ways, I was reminded of Khaled Hosseini’s writing while reading it)

(P.S. This is a very personal opinion)



4 responses to “Acts of faith – a real treasure

  1. Okay. so this blog is your book review blog?
    I shall be trying this one after my stock of Dalrymple is down.

    • The irregular blog, more like 🙂 I think I finish reading at least 10-15 books from one update here to the next, so there…
      Meanwhile, you could try Patrick French’s India- a portrait, in keeping with your current readings. It’s very interesting so far. I could lend it to you when we’re done.

      • starscrutiny

        Alright. I am yet to return the books you last gave me. That’s like shattering the faith kinda act for me. Its nothing but I am a little stretched up between hostel and outside shelter. Stuff is divided. Now that Venky is my roomie, I could just tell him but I will return it personally. Anyway, I am following you on this blog. 🙂

      • :)Thanks.It’s a free country 😛

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