Ancient Promises

Last week, I borrowed Jaishree Mishra’s ‘Ancient Promises’ from my library.

It had me hooked, and I felt compelled to keep reading it. Though the ending was an open one, it left me with a good feeling.

As someone who prefers sensible stories with believable characters, I usually find JM’s stuff readable, and this was no exception. I could totally relate to some of the the situations the characters faced, the rest seemed plausible enough.

In all, a good read. A couple of hours well-spent.






























2 responses to “Ancient Promises

  1. The book happens to be one of my “primary text’ for research. It is one of her best books. The other one being Rani. After reading this, I proceeded to the Secret series, expecting the same ‘readability’ and I was totally disappointed…:(

  2. I haven’t read Rani.

    (I’ve been wondering how to get in touch with you – It’d be nice to have your opinions on my blogposts – I do my rambling at . I couldn’t shamelessly pimp my blog on yours, but I can, here 😛 Your feedback would be most welcome 🙂 )

    Good luck!

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