The Girl in Hyacinth Blue – better avoided

I learnt a few things after reading this :

– One & a half books aren’t enough for a train journey of more than 12 hours. Especially if one of them is TGIHB.

– The only book dealing with paintings that I liked was False Impressions. & I liked the art episode in If Tomorrow Comes.

– There is an unbridegeable chasm between ‘The girl in blue’ & ‘the girl in hyacinth blue’

This book was something I’d bought as an experiment, and ended up regretting. It is supposedly a tale about a painting, from its current owner to its origin somewhere in history. The blurb sounded good enough. But the prose never did reach me. Maybe it was too ‘technical’ for me. But in the end, I turned the pages just so I could get it over with and put it behind me.

Read it only if you’re an art buff and totally dig anything to do with art and paintings.


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