Monthly Archives: September 2013

The world of Suzie Wong – enjoyable

I came across Richard Mason’s ‘The world of Suzie Wong’ by chance. Maybe it was the Chinese characters on the cover that attracted me, or the fact that I’m currently interested in the Orient; but I’m glad I bought the book. It was an enjoyable read for me…


Spike and the Professor – entertaining

I really enjoyed Spike and the Professor by Tony Hickey. Humorous, believable and well-written. It made me think of William Brown, but overall an entertaining read

A year in Provence – enjoyable

I’d read Peter Mayle’s Toujours Provence earlier, and ‘A year in Provence’ proved equally entertaining. A hilarious account, it made for an enjoyable read…

El viaje de Marcos – a gripping tale

I just came across this book at a book sale, and am I glad I got to read it! A simple tale, but with plenty of twists and turns to keep it going. I just had to keep going until I finished it (despite not knowing a lot of words, and being too lazy to look them up in a dictionary).