Monthly Archives: January 2014

Angry white pyjamas

Robert Twigger’s Angry white pyjamas was a fun account of his efforts in trying to learn aikido – humourous and quite well-written. I skimmed through a couple of pages, but overall, it was enjoyable. (for me, at least!)


Looking for Alaska

I came across this book by chance (well, I ordered it thinking it was travel-related, but it turned out to be a story about a group of high-school students), but it turned out to be quite interesting. Worth the few hours I spent reading it.


Elie Wiesel’s Night got me wondering about people and humanity. Thought-provoking.

I should probably read the remaining parts of the trilogy first.

Bala takes the plunge – worth a read

Bala takes the plunge by Melvyn Durai was a fun read, though in parts the humour was a bit forced. But definitely worth reading once.