Monthly Archives: March 2014

Gai-jin – another delight

I finally finished James Clavell’s Gai-jin, and really enjoyed it. (As I was reading, I kept thinking how complex the characters were… And for the first time, I ended up judging a character and then having to revise my opinion!). Definitely worth a read (though I suppose it would be better to read the series in proper order 😉 )


The mirror image ghost

I recently spent a couple of hours in the library reading ‘The mirror image ghost’ by Catherine Storr. The cover said it was a children’s classic, and as it wasn’t very long (and so I knew I could finish it in a couple of hours), I started reading it. It was quite interesting at first, but somewhere along the way, I started guessing what was going to happen, and maybe that is why I did not enjoy it thoroughly. But it is worth a read.